rejuvenation  with hyaluronic acid


ADODERM is a German company based in Langenfeld, which specializes in the development of aesthetic and orthopeadic treatments with hyaluronic acid.


ADODERM Aesthetics: our anti-aging solutions are specifically designed to adapt to the individual face anatomy and personal needs for anti-wrinkle, face volume and conturing treatments.


ADODERM Orthopeadics: our pain relieving viscosupplementation treatment based on hyaluronic acid for osteoarthritis.


Our specialists ensure consistent high quality and maximum comfort for patients and doctors.

All ADODERM products are ‘Made in Germany’ and fabricated with our innovative Monophasic Particle Technology.


ADODERM Brands History


Based on their more than 25 years of experience in the development of products for the medical aesthetics and plastic surgery market the ADODERM specialists invented the innovative Monophasic Particle Technology (MPT).


We produce in Germany and distribute our products to more than 60 countries worldwide. 

managing team

CEO & chief scientist production

Dr. Aydin Dogan
Dr. Aydin Dogan

QualitY & compliance

Hervé Calvez
Hervé Calvez

international business

Felipe Bonilla
Felipe Bonilla