Almost every second woman develops cellulite during her lifetime.

This condition is caused by accumulations of engrossed fat cells at thighs, hips, belly and the backside. Predisposition, slackening of connective tissue caused by hormonal changes, the structure of fatty tissue as well as reduced blood- and lympf circulation influcence the development of cellulite.


NOVAFORM is an innovative, highly concentrated active agent which, regularily used, reduces the symptoms of cellulite.


Novaform Anti-Cellulite Serum


NOVAFORM accelerates lipolysis (fat tissue destroying) through

  • Chrysin, Coffeine and Bupleurum Extract improve splitting up fat tissue.
  • Carnitin and CoEnzym A accelerate the degradation and transport of free fatty acids.
  • Hyaluronic acid tightens and smoothes the skin surface and transports active agents into the deeper skin layers.